Holly the Whippet

Holly the Whippet

Our family life was always full of action – we do travel a lot, love to see the world and try to bring a little bit of this experience back to our home. We are lucky that we have found a great place near the outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany where we are close enough to the city and all relevant infrastructure but also can enjoy a great garden with access to a huge green area of fields and woods. 

Holly Day 3

Due to this and a long dream of my wife Isabell, the family has now decided to get a dog – something that I could never imagine. Why: I am travelling a lot as a consultant and have always thought that independence is one of the most important success factors in life. I have been convinced by using different arguments, starting from pictures of puppies (the “sweet” one), statistics (you seem to live longer if you have a dog) and some friends with similar experience. 

Come to mummy

Since a couple of days, Holly is now part of our family. She is a (now almost 10w old) Whippet lady who is now sharing our place with our two cats Venice and Ricky. I would like to use my personal website now to document the life of Holly and us, starting with some great first shots. Enjoy the ride, stay safe and health. 

Already a great runner
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